Who we are


Welcome to Rehmat’s, our home located in Aberdeen’s George Street, where we invite guests to celebrate life and share sundry blends of modern and traditional Pakistani and Indian cuisine, as well as Burgers, Steaks and Grilled Chicken. Our goal at Rehmat’s is to unify our guest’s cultures and spirits with our own, expressing passion and generosity in the cuisine we share. Executive Chef and Owner Sajida Iqbal excellently crafts a melting pot of Indian, Mediterranean inspired cuisine mixed with Aberdeen attitude.
Flavorful herbs and spices combine textures to appease broad- based palates.

Our attentive staff ensures that your entire dining experience at Rehmat’s is stellar from beginning to end. Each passing of our shared plates and the breaking of fresh Punjabi nan opens up a new conversation.

Whether part of a party of fifty or a party of two, your experience throughout our elegant, yet comfortable space is eventful. We are sharing our long held Pakistani- Indian traditions with a modern contemporary twist. You will feel both close to home and apart of something new.