Best Hassle-Free Food at Your Doorstep

Think Food, Think Rehmat’s
Think Food, Think Rehmat’s
March 2, 2021
Best Indian food in Aberdeen! - Rehmat's
Best Indian food in Aberdeen!
March 15, 2021
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Best Hassle-Free Food at Your Doorstep

Get the Best Hassle-Free Food at Your Doorstep

Ordering food has become the new normal. Everyone prefers to order food in Aberdeen because it’s more hygienic, safe and you can have it in your own comfort. Post pandemic it has gained more normalcy. Even the restaurants have become more strict and vigilant in terms of hygiene. They are taking utmost care and giving special attention that the food delivered is touch-free.


Aberdeen is situated on the northeast side of Scotland and is the third most populous city.  Christianity is the main religion followed in the city. From anything you wish to eat, to anytime you crave it, you can have it at your doorstep as food delivery in Aberdeen is open now.

Indians at Aberdeen:

Indians or Hindus are the minority religion in Aberdeen. Namaste, and sastriyakar. Are you missing Indian taste and Indian Cuisine in the UK? We have a restaurant for you that will give you the same taste in the UK. Rehmat’s in the UK provides food delivery in Aberdeen at your doorstep. They also provide the service of takeaway in Aberdeen. Rehmat’s can be visited in Aberdeen Geoge Street.

We always believe that it is very important to share Indian and Pakistani culture in the UK because the native people love to experience these cultures and especially their food. We serve diverse blends of modern and traditional taste with an add-on of Meditteranean taste.

We serve a variety of food from vegetarian to non-vegetarian. From Indian desserts to Sizzlers, to your Indian breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we have everything you might want to eat. We are well-known in George streets because we always aim at delivering at the earliest and take care of hygiene the most.

Menu at Rehmat


It becomes monotonous sometimes when you cook the same breakfast every now and then. And since breakfast is the most important meal of your day, it is very much important that you eat healthily and something you love to eat. So why not get your breakfast delivery at your home. From pakoras to biryani’s you can order anything.


We have all kinds of bread, curries, and vegetables available at our restaurants. Get a change of taste with us and enjoy your meal. Plan your lunch delivery in Aberdeen now. You can arrange kebab delivery in Aberdeen in just a few minutes. We have varieties in Kebabs like Burrah, Cevapi, Chapli, Galouti, Kakori, etc. Pick any and you will never regret it. We assure you that you will never regret coming to us. What are you waiting for? Try kebabs and order now.

Starters and Chinese

We specialize in fish and chips delivery in Aberdeen because we have chefs who are specialized in cooking sizzlers and starters. Just spend your meal with us as we also do Chinese delivering in Aberdeen and make your day amazing with us.


You get exhausted after a hectic day and do not wish to cook or eat the same ordinary food you have every day. Want to try something different? Or what if you miss the taste of Indian Spices and want some Indian to cook for you. Rehmat’s is the right place for you.

We also specialize in Japanese food called Sushi. It is light, healthy, and a mouth-watering dish if you are a non-vegetarian. Sushi delivery Aberdeen by Rehmat’s will help you to keep away from your kitchen and get the best Sushi at your doorstep ASAP.


Do you crave desserts like Jalebi in the UK? We have almost all types of Indian dessert that you would miss in the Uk with the same taste. Do not get harsh on yourself and enjoy the mini  Indian world with us!

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