The Taste of Culture Delivered at Rehmat

Best Indian food in Aberdeen! - Rehmat's
Best Indian food in Aberdeen!
March 15, 2021
5 Reasons Why People Prefer Food Takeaway in Aberdeen - Rehmats
5 Reasons Why People Prefer Food Takeaway in Aberdeen
April 5, 2021
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The Taste of Culture Delivered at Rehmat

Rehmat - The taste of culture delivered at your doorstep right from our Kitchen

Rehmat – The Taste of Culture Delivered at your Doorstep Right from our Kitchen

When it comes to food, Indian food is no wonder one of the best, with all the different varieties of dishes made with just the right amount of spices and condiments. Rehmat Aberdeen’s only aim is to celebrate life and share our passions with the delicious food we deliver, with diverse blends of the modern with the old traditional Indian and Pakistani cuisines with a different twist of Mediterranean vibes, with tons of spices and herbs that add a unique taste to the dish, making the food scrumptiously amazing.

Rehmat is known to be the best food delivery service in Aberdeen’s George street. Be it Chinese, breakfast, sushi, kebab, fish and chips or any other delicacy that you wish to order. We strive to unify our guests to the cultures of many and spread happiness all around. Rehmat has been standing tall for over sixty years and has been continued by over three generations successfully, and have been serving some delicious delicacies over the years, trying to revive and spread around the flavour of the Indian culture.

Aberdeen is one of the prettiest cities located in the northeast of Scotland. Food deliveries have been in high demand recently. From beverages, snacks and proper meals, you want it and you can have it delivered right to your doorstep within minutes for you to enjoy at your home. Order food from Aberdeen and we will be sure to deliver the best.

Taste the Food of Culture at Rehmat

Food deliveries have been very convenient and useful especially during the pandemic, with the proper assurance of the safety measures as well as contactless deliveries, and this is how Rehmat provides their services, you can enjoy some delicious food at your home and enjoy it while you binge on your favourite shows.

Even though we know you might have already planned on what you would want to order, Here is a list of something new that you can order which will not let you down-

Indian Cuisine –

We know we are good, and we know we are the best. When we talk about Indian food, we know that you are gonna love it. Indian food is no doubt the best when it comes to flavours and spices. We have a variety of Indian food considering it as our speciality, You can try out the Tikka Masala, which is prepared by a creamy marinade with cashew powder or the creamed coconut with fresh cream cooked to perfection for a delicious Korma. Have the best restaurant delivery in Aberdeen with the best restaurant serving the best food.

We have the best Indian desserts that will make you crave them all day every day, with the Halwa, garnished with almonds and cashews or the beautiful Gulab Jamun in combo with Ice cream because we know what’s the best and how to serve the desserts.

We even have several platters including the mega mixed grills that offer Chicken wings, Chicken pakora, lamb chops, seekh kebab, paneer tikka and Peri Peri wings, served with rice, chips, naan bread, salad and sauce, and have other platters as well such as mixed platter and mixed grill and the combo mix etc.

Attraction of Food you can’t Miss

Another attraction is the seafood that includes some delicious items in the menu such as-

  1. Fish and Chips
  2. Scampi and Chips
  3. Chargrilled Salmon
  4. King Prawn Sizzlers
  5. Masala Fish Served with Fries or Nan

The fish and chips delivery in Aberdeen is the most opted ones in our seafood menu. Each one from the menu is special and mouthwatering and will leave you wanting more. Our menu is a vast ocean of delicious possibilities and we strive to produce something new every now and then.

We at Rehmat, also offer special Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menus that will leave you hungry for more, and make you order each time for a happy belly and a contented heart. The breakfast menu includes food that will make you feel happy and content giving your day a beautiful start with a happy feeling. Go on and ask for breakfast delivery in Aberdeen, and give a boost to your day.

The lunch is filled with an equally scrumptious menu that will scare away your mid-day blues and all the tiredness with all of its deliciousness. You can order yummy food and relax in the comfort of your home. Kebab delivery in Aberdeen is one of the most ordered lunches. What’s better than to end your day with some yummy food alongside the heavenly desserts that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss. You can look forward to some good food that will be great enough to tuck you in with a happy heart. You can go on and opt for Sushi delivery in Aberdeen, and enjoy some lip-smacking goodies.

We understand when you rarely feel like visiting restaurants nowadays, and also understand how there is nothing that feels better than eating some good food in the comfort of your own homes. Hence, We at Rehmat will make sure that we deliver happiness to your doorstep at the right time. We are accepting orders 24/7 so that you can order your cravings at any time, even if it’s at 3 in the morning. Order away some food delivery in Aberdeen open now.

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